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Taking Shape

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Framing is well underway on the 101 and 107 Litchfield Street buildings, both of which are framed up to the second floor now.Image


Inside the two bedroom first floor homes are taking shape.  Below, you are looking from the living room into the kitchen and through walls into the laundry room, bedrooms, and rear exit.Image

Meanwhile on Holton Street, the 113-115 and 117-119 building foundations have been poured.  In the photo below, the under-slab vapor barrier system is under construction.  The final concrete pour for the foundation slab will go over the layers of underground plumbing, stone, insulation, and vapor barrier fabric and should happen this week. Image


After the framing crews finish 101 and 107 Litchfield, they will move over to Holton St to frame these buildings and the crew working on Holton will move to Litchfield to build the foundation for the 103-105 Litchfield building and will finish the last foundation at 121-123 Holton when the framing is well underway on the other Holton buildings.  This dance keeps everything progressing on these very tight sites without staging or storing off site.   




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