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The Difference a Week Makes

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At this stage of construction with many trades on site and activity going on at nearly every location simultaneously, there’s a lot of progress made in as short as one week.

On Litchfield Street, the front decks are being framed up at 101 and 107 Litchfield.


The slab foundation at 103-105 Litchfield is being finished.


And, the final digging to be done on Litchfield Street is well underway with excavation below what will be the parking lot for the construction of storm water retention systems.



A very important and exciting detail is being added inside the buildings after insulation and before drywall. The hat channels shown in the photos below create separation between the upper and lower units. Separation dampens vibrations – vibrations like kids running around, furniture moving, all the normal noise we would rather not  hear from our neighbors.


The clip is connected to the truss with a mechanism that dampens vibration


The ceiling drywall will screw into these hat channels, which are connected to the clips in the previous photo, preventing transmission of noise and vibrations between floors.


That building at Holton and Antwerp that just began framing in last week’s entry?  Here it is framed to the roof.  The sheathing will finish installation by the end of this week.



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