Town Homes at Brighton Mills Construction Blog

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Taking Shape

Framing is well underway on the 101 and 107 Litchfield Street buildings, both of which are framed up to the second floor now.Image


Inside the two bedroom first floor homes are taking shape.  Below, you are looking from the living room into the kitchen and through walls into the laundry room, bedrooms, and rear exit.Image

Meanwhile on Holton Street, the 113-115 and 117-119 building foundations have been poured.  In the photo below, the under-slab vapor barrier system is under construction.  The final concrete pour for the foundation slab will go over the layers of underground plumbing, stone, insulation, and vapor barrier fabric and should happen this week. Image


After the framing crews finish 101 and 107 Litchfield, they will move over to Holton St to frame these buildings and the crew working on Holton will move to Litchfield to build the foundation for the 103-105 Litchfield building and will finish the last foundation at 121-123 Holton when the framing is well underway on the other Holton buildings.  This dance keeps everything progressing on these very tight sites without staging or storing off site.   




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Footing Pours

NEI has begun to pour concrete for the footings on which the slab on grade foundations will eventually sit.  101 and 107 Litchfield St are furthest along, with the other buildings following behind with framing for the footing pours or excavation.  These footings shore up the structure and provide solidity below the frost line to ensure the buildings’ foundations remain solid and secure.


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Foundations and Footings

Construction is proceeding through excavation for footings and foundations.  Because the Town Homes at Brighton Mills will be constructed on concrete slabs at grade with no basements, the excavation is limited compared to the rental town homes at Charlesview.  Trenches are dug roughly 4-5 feet to prepare the concrete footings on which the concrete slab foundations will rest.

Excavation for footings at Holton and Antwerp

Excavation for footings at Holton and Antwerp

After the trenches are dug, wood framing and rebar create the forms for a concrete pour to create the footing.

Forming for footing at Litchfield St

Forming for footing at Litchfield St

Excavation is complete for four of the six foundations. Concrete pours are proceeding this week for the footings. After the pours, excavated soil will be backfilled around the footing. Remaining soils will be trucked off site after appropriate testing and permitting. With space freed up by soil removal, the remaining two foundations will proceed.

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Construction Underway

Construction is underway at the Town Homes at Brighton Mills.

Our general contractor, NEI, spent last week mobilizing.  That includes the work of putting up construction fences and signage, installing the construction office trailer and portable toilets, and laying down a gravel track pad to prevent excess dirt from coming off site on truck tires.

Site work began with the removal of grass and topsoil

Site work began with the removal of grass and topsoil

This week, NEI began site work on the Litchfield Street parcel (pictured).  The topsoil and grass is being removed from the site.  The surveyor will mark out where foundations for the town homes are to be dug, and then soil will be removed so that footings and a foundation can be laid.

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Neighborhood Informational Meeting

Last night, Charlesview hosted a neighborhood meeting for abutters to ask questions about construction and sales for the Town Homes at Brighton Mills.  The Community Builders development team presented on the development and construction plans.  The Town Homes’ broker from ReMax Destiny provided details on the lottery and sales process.

In case you were unable to be there, here are some key questions and answers about construction and sales:

What is the construction schedule?

Mobilization will begin Monday, April 7th.  Excavation begins Monday, April 14th.  Construction will take 10 months, finishing in January.  The three story town homes have no basements and will be constructed of panelized wood framing.  This will be a much quicker, smaller, less disruptive construction period than the 30-month, 22-buildings plus underground garage and infrastructure Charlesview redevelopment.

When will work happen?

Working hours will be 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.  Deliveries will be scheduled between 7am and 3pm.  Saturday work may be requested occasionally and can only proceed with City approval.

Where will workers park?

Workers are absolutely not allowed to park on neighborhood streets.  They will be able to park inside the construction fences, and The Community Builders have made the lot behind 355 Western Ave available.  With roughly 50 spots available, this lot should accommodate all workers.  This construction project is much, much smaller than the Charlesview Redevelopment, with many fewer workers looking for many fewer parking spots.

How will trucks get to the site?

Trucks will come from Western Avenue and utilize Everett, Holton, Telford and Justinian to access the sites.  Holton and Litchfield will need to be used to exit due to one-way street pattern.  Trucks approaching Western Avenue are forbidden from using North Harvard Street.

How can I buy a home?

Details on sales will be available at  Applications will be distributed August 4th through 15th and will be available at Charlesview.  They are due to our broker, ReMax Destiny, by September 5th.  We will hold a lottery at Charlesview at the end of September.  There are preferences for City of Boston Residents, households with at least one person per bedroom, and first-time homebuyers.  After the lottery, our broker will contact applicants in order to arrange purchase & sales agreements and close sales.  Sign up for our sales mailing list here to stay up to date.

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Construction Start and Schedule

Construction activities are set to begin on Monday April 7.  Next week, our general contractor NEI will begin mobilization by replacing construction fencing, delivering the construction office trailer, and otherwise readying the site for construction to begin in earnest the week of April 14.  During the ten month construction period, work will proceed roughly as follows:

  1. Excavation:  April – May
  2. Foundations:  May – July
  3. Framing:  June – August
  4. Roofing, siding, windows: August – September
  5. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing:  August – September
  6. Insulation:  September – October
  7. Drywall:  October – November
  8. Painting, flooring, finishes:  November – December
  9. Inspections, certificates:  December – January


This schedule means that noise from heavy equipment and nail guns will end roughly in August.  The size of the workforce will peak in August-September.

As work proceeds, this blog will provide updates, give warnings of any special disruptions for utilities, Saturday work, etc., and provide photos from the site.